Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to divide up (split) Aloe Vera plants and pot up to give as a gift

 Aloe Vera is sometimes known as the miracle burn plant because of the Aloe Vera gel's ability to heal and soothe burns. Apparently the Native Americans used the gel to ease sunburn.
A Aloe Vera plant would make a great gift for someones kitchen window sill, here's how to "make" your own.
  Obviously you'll need an Aloe Vera plant to start off with, it will quickly produce new plants on runners.You can see them sprouting around the edges in this pot. All you have to do is knock the plant from its' pot and gently prise away the baby plants.

 These can then be potted up individually in the container of your choice.

For something different how about using a mug?
If you get the babies potted up earlier enough you can grow them on for Christmas presents, they make great gifts for teacher and an unusual hostess gift.
Don't forget to add a homemade tag explaining that the Aloe Vera is the miracle burn plant, something like:
To Heal Burns: Break off one leaf at the base of the plant and squeeze the gel onto the burn.

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