Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tinned Potato Bake with Bacon and Cheese Sauce - Fab Frugal Food

So here is one of my Fabulous Frugal Food recipes. This potato bacon and cheese dish is real comfort food especially on a cold day, very quick to make and cheap as well.

I use one tin of supermarket value potatoes (currently 17p per can)  per person but if you haven't a very large appetite or you wanted to serve as a side dish one tin would do two people.

Fry chopped bacon until cooked meantime slice the potatoes and put in an oven proof dish, when the bacon and onion are cooked mix with the potatoes, season as required and add cheese sauce.

Grate some cheese on top and pop in a medium oven until heated through. And that's all there is to it. Serve with chunks of wholemeal bread.

As for the cheese sauce you can make your own with milk, cheese, flour buy a packet mix to make with milk or as shown here use Bisto cheese sauce granules (99p a tub of several servings from 99p Shop). The Bisto cheese sauce only requires the addition of boiling water making it the most frugal option.

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  1. Potatoes in all forms are a hit in our house. Thanks!